Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mari's Korea Adventure -- Day 1

Okay so is it weird that my first day in Korea is actually being spent in San Francisco?!

The Denver flight was delayed by 2 hours, and my layover in SF was less than 2 hours, so that created a problem. My Korea flight left 5 mins before I got to the SF airport. The man behind the "service" counter was helpful in that he booked me on another flight ... unhelpful in that the flight was 24 hours later and I would have to PAY FOR MY OWN HOTEL. Because the airline was not at fault for the delay, they do not take responsibility for their customers. Great. Bastards.

Anyway, 3 hours later after FINALLY getting my suitcase, dealing with the asshats (thank you, Jen Lancaster and her book, Such a Pretty Fat for helping me through my layover and introducing me to fun new words), crying, finding and booking a hotel, waking Tony up to tell him the great (not) news, I arrived at my hotel. The Westin at the SF airport, a scant 1/2 mile from the terminal, on the bay, with a beautiful park across the street and a BAR. I dropped my stuff off, hit the bar (3 beers, 1 burger, a pile of hot fries) and went for a walk on the bay. Took some pictures and enjoyed the fresh air. Back to the hotel got an ice cream and some water, repaired to my room where I lazed on the big, cozy bed, watching Friends reruns and worrying about nothing.

The beautiful bay across from the hotel

Looking back to the hotel from the park

Self portrait!

I woke up at the crack of dawn (central time, anyway--still dark in SF) and had a nice cup of coffee, a long, leisurely shower, and repacked. Got to the airport a ridiculous 5 hours before my boarding time. But I'm here. I've had breakfast, and I'm about to get lunch. I'll go to my gate and wait impatiently for the boarding call. I'll pick up my duty-free MAC lipstick and gloss that I bought on this layover, get on the tiny little plane (yes, it's a big plane, but only compared to people. Compared to the ocean? Not so much), claim my window seat, and settle in for the long ride to see my baby.

San Francisco in the rear view window...

There will be no further complications.
There will be no delays.
There will be no bullshit.
Because of my headaches yesterday, today will be breezy and pleasant.

Everyone told me that things happen for a reason (I couldn't agree more), and I know there was some madness in the reasoning behind me missing my flight yesterday. I trust that it was meant to happen, and that the delay will be for the best. We'll see.

Read on: Day Two adventures.


  1. Ugh! I hope you have a WONDERFUL rest of your trip!

  2. I hope you made it there !!!! I am so excited for you!

  3. OK Mari, titling this entry "Day 1" implies that you will share more. ; )

    Hope you are having a terrific time!

  4. Oh yes, I remember that day... you left a lot of angst in SF!