Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mari's Korea Adventure -- Day 2

Okay, so FINALLY, after roughly 6 hours in the SFO airport, i was on the way. The airport time was good; I checked email (deleted like 100+ useless emails), finished my book, read some magazines, ate breakfast and lunch, did some duty free shopping.

The flight was long but not horrible. We flew over Russia (I took pics). About 2 hours to go in the flight, and my very polite seatmate asked if I would change seats with his colleague. It was an aisle seat, so I regret that I did not get to see Korea as we descended, but that's okay.

That? It's totally Russia

Customs was a breeze; followed the little luggage icon through the airport, even on a tram (scary, that) to immigration (yeah, it's weird to be a "foreigner"), then baggage (no 3 hour wait this time! Big bertha was coming 'round the conveyer as I came down the escalator), through customs, and there was Tony waiting on the other side; a happy sight indeed.

A 2+ hour bus ride later we arrived at Osan, and I disembarked in the dorm (very roomy). After a minute to clean up (and I'll not say more) after the very long day, we hit the "Songtan Entertainment District" for some much-deserved fun. Met up with Tony's friends, a group who immediately hugged me and celebrated my arrival almost as much as Tony did. Then it was the obligatory shot of jaegermeister to kick off the trip and away we went.

A fun night, then home to sleep and try to adjust to the time difference. Our second honeymoon has officially begun!

Coming soon - day 3!

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  1. YAY!! You're there...and alive. Two bonuses!