Friday, September 26, 2008

Mari's Korea Adventure -- Day 6

Aah, Tuesday. Our last full day together.

We stayed close to home in the morning, slept in and enjoyed breathing the same air. Thought about visiting a nearby town for touristy stuff but thought better of it. Ran some errands on base, walked with Tony to his office (but not in it; secure facility) and then went to the BX for lunch. walked around the base some more before heading downtown for dinner, we went back to the Lion's Den and had some good Korean food. Tony chose the fried rice and I chose the chicken bulgogi, both came with cucumber kimchi and Tony has been lucky enough to get the recipe (hooray). After dinner I indulged in a cucumber sour drink (more on that at a later date) and Tony and Jimmy, the bar's owner, had a shot. Jimmy gifted me with a mug with the bar's logo on it since I was leaving the next day, and Tony told me this was an honor as he only gives them out to a select few, so I will treasure that. Of course I know he really gave me the mug because of my big American breasts (HAH!).

After dinner and drinks, we left to walk around the market as it was closing and just enjoyed the evening air. Back to the base for an early bedtime before a crazy day of travel.

I feel like this trip has been an amazing gift. To spend this time getting to know my husband again, free of all distractions and responsibilities, has rejuvenated me, reminded me of why I love him, why we are a great team.

As we sat at the bar talking I realized some hard truths; this was really an encapsulated moment in time that we can never recover. We can never go back to Korea, the people will change and that irrevocably changes the landscape of the town. We will never have this moment in time again--indeed, every moment of time shares this, each is unique and can never be recovered. I know when Tony finally comes home in a few short weeks, we won't have the lightness that wrapped around us in Korea because our real life is here; mortgage, kids, school, work.

This trip was a space out of time. I was apprehensive going into it, but will be forever thankful for having taken it.

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