Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mix tape moment

So I dug out the old portable discman to loan to a friend for a roadtrip and found a CD entitled "Music for Tony." Not sure when/why this CD was made but here is the playlist:
Amie - (Pure Prairie League)
Every Morning - (Sugar Ray)
Blue on Black - (Kenny Wayne Shepherd)
Pictures of You - (the Cure)
Don't You Forget About Me - (Simple Minds)
That Thing - (Lauryn Hill)
Praise You - (Fatboy Slim)
Wild World - (Cat Stevens)
Whiskey in the Jar - (Metallica)
Only God Knows Why - (Kid Rock)
Jungle Boogie - (Kool & the Gang)
Don't You Want Me - (Human League)
Tainted Love - (Soft Cell)
All Mixed Up - (311)
She's Got a Girlfriend Now - (Reel Big Fish)
All Apologies - unplugged - (Nirvana)
What I Got - (Sublime)
Stuck in the Middle With You - (Stealer's Wheel)
Lithium - (Nirvana)

A diverse list - some of his, some of mine, some of ours.

1 comment:

  1. Jay always laughs at me because mine are 98% alphabetized. I start at the beginning of the list and see something, then a few songs down, something else jumps out, and so on until the CD is full and I'm only on C. Sometimes I just have to pick a random letter further down the alphabet. : )