Sunday, September 07, 2008

Something I found interesting

You know, the current talk about politics really has be thinking about how grossly overblown the tiniest detail, misstep, out-of-context statement can be. I found a piece of paper I clipped from an issue of Vanity Fair earlier this year, and it really helps to illustrate the point.

Remember the whole "Al Gore said he created the Internet" debacle? I heard it all, I shrugged my shoulders. It made him a good scapegoat but it didn't make sense to me; why would someone so in the public eye position himself so blatantly wrong - a la "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion"??

So here is what the clip says:

Vice President Al Gore--he got a bum rap. Gore never claimed to have "invented the Internet," though columnists said otherwise and had sport with him anyway. Here's what Gore really did: throughout the 1980s, as a senator from Tennessee, he stood out as a highly visible, early proponent of networking. In 1991, Congress passed the High-Performance Computing Act, also known as "the Gore Act," which paved the way for a privatized, commercialized Internet that could thrive and evolve outside the government's hands--in other words: the Internet as we know it today.

Something to chew on as we celebrate Democracy; that lovely thing that will bring to fruition a landmark of either the first black President or the first female Vice President. No matter how you like your politics sliced, I call that win-win to some degree!


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