Saturday, October 25, 2008


So I'm running yesterday afternoon, on the treadmill at the gym. I was pushing really hard to make my distance, just wanting to get done. I was a little tired, a little problem with allergies, and hadn't run for a few days so it wasn't the easiest run I've taken, but I was almost done; like .15 mile to finish running before cooling down.

The trainer that sits at the front came over under the pretense of wiping down the treadmills (a ladies college softball team had recently had the whole back row), and when she passes in front of me asks "are you okay?" I assumed that my face was beet red (as it sometimes gets) and said "sure."

She asked me to check my heart rate (it was 174) and she was alarmed; I told her that I've gotten up to about 179 and that's my absolute max; but I recover quickly and start with a high resting heart rate anyway. She told me to take it easy--that running for 20-30 minutes with a lower heart rate was an awesome workout and going up that high put me in the danger zone. I started my walk a bit early and she just encouraged me to get a good cool down before jumping off. She reminded me that pushing my heart too hard is a recipe for disaster.

So what's the point?
A reminder to me:
Well, actually I might be SuperMom but my kryptonite is internal.

I have been uber-focused on trying to run and up my distance for the 5k (or 10k) in the spring, and I've forgotten that 2-3 short cardio sessions in a week are not going to give me the conditioning that I need to progress.

I'm not a fan of stepping backwards, but I will try!


  1. Take care of yourself! You are doing AWESOME!

    And I completely understand about the beet red thing...For some reason I don't seem to sweat at all from my face--I just look like a tomato, even if I feel fine. I just know I would make a great addition to any workout video. haha

  2. It's crazy!
    I think it was the red face + heavy breathing + size + age that gave her pause. One bonus is that the more I work out the less red-faced I find that I become ... but I suppose this workout was the exception!? :)