Friday, January 09, 2009

The Resolutionaries have arrived

If you couldn't tell, it's January. Specifically, the beginning of January. So what does that mean? It means that I get about 5 emails each day from people who have resolved to get their freelance writing careers started. It means that ALL of the cardio equipment at the gym will be in use when I try to go and get my run on. It means that you can go to the store and try to find a pair of althetic shorts and the pickins will be slim becuase everyone else went to get a pair of shorts too. It means that humans, like obedient little lemmings, are all running to reach their goals like there is some kind of magic deadline. Nobody yelled "FIRE!" There is no need to rush.

So all you resolutionaries, listen to me carefully:
There is nothing magical about January 1. Try harder not to conform! Beat the rush for next year and wait until February 1 if you must have that turning of the page thing. Plus, February is much more satisfying as Feb 1 lands on a Sunday and there are a scant 4 full weeks in the month, meaning the calendar is a nice, neat rectangle with no little dangling days at the beginning or the end. Am I being absurd? Well so are you.

I'm not hoping anybody fails; I'm just questioning their sincerity and commitment. Prove your commitment by not falling off the cliff with all the other little lemmings on January 1.

I've made my resolution for 2010 already -- I'm going to stay as far away as I can from any type of fitness facility for the first 2 weeks of January so as to avoid the resolutionaries of next year.

And before you ask, yes I did join the gym in January of 2007. But I had the good sense to wait until the end of the month!

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  1. rock on!

    ...and this goes for all baseball teams practising at the Y in January too! Get your own work out equipment