Friday, February 20, 2009

This message has been brought to you by angst & irritation

Today I'm going to talk about commercials.

There was one I saw the other day for Hallmark that just pissed me off. It was for Valentine's Day and these tweener girls were sitting at lunch. One girl showed off something from her lunch, covered with stickers from her mom (creative); another showed off her handmade cut-out heart card (sweet); the third one, which garnered the oohs & aahs that the others did not was a Hannah Montana musical card. Oh yeah, and if you buy like 3 of them you can get this cheap stuffed $2 toy for JUST $14.95.

Has Hallmark not heard of the recession? I would so rather have something handmade than store bought. Especially when that store bought thing is manufactured and merchandised musical "talent."


Another ad that I saw years ago that stuck with me ... I was reading one of those baby magazines that you get from the hospital after you have kids. I came upon an ad, full page, that showed a woman in her mid-30s, with 2 kids. One was about Spencer's age at the time, one about Lauren's. They all looked happy and content; I was struck because she reflected my life; this was a woman I could relate to; this was a level of happiness I could aspire to. My eye wandered to the text ...

I haven't had a shower since Tuesday.

... and I nearly dropped the magazine. First of all; this woman was very well-groomed so either that was a lie or it was still Tuesday. Second, what were they selling? The idea that mothers need to put themselves last, that we don't matter, and even the most basic ideals like good personal hygiene should be forgotten while our children take front and center?

I was livid, to say the least. I polled my friends and families about their showering practices. I wanted to write an article about it but let it fall by the wayside. Our actions teach our children.

That's all I got!

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