Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fitness #1

Somehow, I thought the difference would be much more striking.

The shoe on the bottom is my old shoe. The shoe on the top is the new one. You can't tell by looking at it, but that bottom shoe is 1/2 of the team that carried me through learning to run, from barely 1/2 mile to the 3.2 miles I completed at the Redbud.

Those Nikes were my faithful companion for the past 18 months or so, and their worn corners and edges were familiar to my fingers as I laced them up, some days happy and some days frustrated.

When I went to buy my new shoes, it was with my trusty running shoes on my mind and on my feet. I searched the aisles, found about 10 pairs of varying colors, makes, models and price points searching for the right pair. How could I choose? There is so much riding on those shoes, literally and figuratively. How could I succeed if I chose the wrong pair.

Then I thought about it - when I bought the pair I currently own, it was becuase they were on sale at the BX. Reasonably-priced, neither too cheap nor too expensive. And they have served me well. So I used those trusty shoes as a template to find their equivalent, a pair with similar support and strapping.

I hope I picked a winner. Or at the very least -- a finisher.


  1. I think the difference is very striking. You can tell the blood and swest that is in the old one.

  2. My comment is: ASICS rock!