Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback #1

Where were you in 1984?
I was finishing 8th grade and starting my freshman year of HS.
I had unfortunate glasses and a bad haircut which featured a "tail."
I was enthralled with Def Leppard over Duran Duran.
I wore striped polo shirts (horizontal stripes, no less) with popped collars and pleated Lee jeans (mom jeans at 14! Oy!) with Tretorn shoes (which are still awesome).

I blog-hopped to a woman who has saved her diaries from her school years and on a regular basis she trots out entries with comments. This makes me regret not having kept my own diaries (which were burned years ago) to give them the same treatment. Nah, I really think that some things are better left unpublished.

However, If you're patient, you'll get a picture of 1984 done my way by the day's end.


  1. 1984 - Well, I turned 13 in 1984 and based on the fact that I graduated in 1989 that would have put me in the 7th grade. First year of junior high. I actually remember thinking how big the school was compared to elementary.....

    I have patience. I will check later for the picture. :-)