Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day in this life - Reality bites.


0600-0640: Woke up after a decent night's sleep to husband puttering around, getting ready for work. Alarm went off at 0625; hit snooze twice and dragged ass up out of bed.

** Nobody needs to know what happened in these 5 minutes **

0645-0815: Husband off to work. Mass quantities of coffee. Today show. Laptop (Facebook and Inbox). Sorted through roughly 200 emails before kids woke up.

0815-0845: Kids wake up. Lauren first, then we wake up Spencer. Breakfast is eaten with a minimal amount of whining (by them) and screaming (guess who?).

0845-0900: Try to watch a story on the news but get distracted by kids (be warned: this is a theme of my day).

0900-1000: Shower, dress, watch "news"; get kids dressed; more email and Facebook.

1000-1015: Realize it's too early to leave for the doctor appt so put away clean dishes while waiting to leave.

1015: Leave for appt.

1016: Run back into house for jackets as it's freakin cold outside!

1030: Arrive at doctor and search fruitlessly for a parking space.

1035: FINALLY park! Go inside office. Watch as daughter trips on the sidewalk and receives not one but two bloody scrapes. Bonus: We are on our way to the doctor's office where first aid supplies abound.

1043-1100: Ushered into the doctor's office (in record time, might I add) while a waiting room full of people who have been there longer than I have give me dirty looks. Find out my daughter has bronchitis (we are not chest cold people, this is a new development) and she is prescribed steroids and antibiotic. Discuss Spencer's sensitivity to mosquito bites under the guise of Lauren so as not to violate the "don't ask about the other kids' ailments when you are seeing the doctor for one kid."

1100-1125: Drive to the pharmacy to drop off pics after a side trip to look for Toby Keith's house (Kristina told me it's in the neighborhood; I have an unexplainable fascination). Wonder if it's a coincidence that there is a Toby Keith song on the radio or if he has hijacked the radio waves near his house somehow (in my defense this does not seem so far-fetched; have you been to his restaurant? All Toby Keith songs, all the time).

1125-1250: Go to the library to sign up for summer reading program, end up enjoying snowcones, face painting and a craft. Pick out a bunch of books for the kids (including an Encyclopedia Brown title for Spencer--one of my childhood favorites. He is unimpressed) and a book for me ("Candyland" by Candy Spelling. And yes, it's worse than you can even imagine). Search for "My Sister's Keeper from Jodi Picoult but all titles are on hold or checked out. Hmmpfh.

1250-1320: McDonald's for lunch. Their salads are getting skimpier and I had to compensate with french fries. Hmmpfh again. The kids are happy with the "Night at the Museum 2" toys (Easter Island guy who says "you give me gum gum").

1320-1340: Walmart to pick up prescriptions, hypoallergenic sunscreen and the Jodi Picoult book for $5 (score!). Lauren strikes up a conversation with the tall, young man behind us in line. He is buying a huge bag of generic Captain Crunch cereal and seems quite smitten with her. He was a good sport.

1340-1400: Drove to Mychi's to drop off check for Wicked ticket (whoo hoo!). Drove to 7-11 for gas and was shocked by having to pay $30 to fill the tank when it's been an average of $22 for the past few weeks. Momentarily mourn the fact that gas prices have gone up.

1400: Home. *whew*

1400-1530: Put stuff away. Putter around. Think about dinner. Get more tissues from the shelf in the garage. Give Lauren antibiotics. Encourage kids to go outside and play. Listen to them playing through the open windows while I read my awful library book and realize that the self-scanner at Walmart did not ring up the Jodo Picoult book (oh no).

1530-1630: Give in and let the kids watch cartoons while I figure out dinner and work on MetroFamily stuff for a while.

1630: Tony calls to inform me that he has to stay late today. Hmmpfh.

1630-1700: Let the kids finish cartoons while I clean up clutter, etc. Get dinner stuff ready (decide on tuna alfredo and sauteed vegs) and talk on the phone.

1700-1800: Cook and consume dinner, work on dishes, kids get rooms cleaned up and pajamas ready.

1800-1900: Watch news. Tony comes home from work. Kids play outside.

1900-1915: Bath and pajamas for Lauren. Spencer watches "Time Warp" with daddy.

1930-1945: Shower and pajamas for Spencer.

1930-2000: Read books to Lauren. Spencer reads his books after his shower.

2000: Bed for Lauren

2000-2030: Book for Spencer and bed.

2030-2045: More dishes. The fun never stops.

2045-2200: TV. Reading. Talk w/Tony. Think about tomorrow. Eat a snack. Drink lots of water.

2200: In bed after checking on kids.

Whew. That was long and boring! No wonder I'm not on TV!


  1. Which Jodi Picoult did you get?

  2. I am very impressed with your memory of the details!

  3. Did you find Toby Keith's house?

  4. I read "My Sister's Keeper" and it was awesome! So ready to see the movie now.

    And I did not find Toby Keith's house ... but I did get more info on where it might be, so I haven't given up yet! (disclaimer: I am *not* a stalker!)