Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yes but my intentions were good. The 30 day blog bender came to a whimpering, wheezing abrupt start. I apologize to those of you who were reading!

To be completely frank, I've been spending all of my time working, surviving the last few weeks of school (i.e., free time for mommy) and playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. What? Don't judge.

I have things to say. But right now the raw edges of those things are a bit too ... raw and not ready for public consumption. I'm basically happy. Even with summer coming and no school, I'm very optimistic. Work is going well, I'm caught up and feeling effective. Kids are great. Marriage is good, talkin gabout issues and having fun. Worried a lot about how the military will affect us in the next few months, and have trouble breathing every time Afghanistan comes on TV.

I'll do my best to blog when I can! No more far-reaching promises, however. :)

1 comment:

  1. I thought perhaps your goal of blogging daily was a little lofty since I know how busy you are. No worries though because I am happy to read whatever you have to say, whenever you have to say it!