Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reality this.

I will admit it. I've been sucked in. I have not yet viewed an episode of Jon+Kate Plus 8. I have not seen even a partial episode ... until yesterday. I got sucked into the "Jon + Kate discuss their future" promos. Ugh.

First of all, I do have some commonalities with them. Blond wife / semi-Asian husband. Got married at 22. But we didn't have an army of kids. Instead we waited 10 years to have a pair, not 10 months to have a team. I'm not judging them; just sayin'

It was the sextuplets 5th birthday. There was an overblown party. Tension filled the air. He said/she said almost got started but never quite got to that point.

The reason I never watched this show is because from every promo I saw of it, Kate looked like a Bitch. Not like a fun bitch, like a fully on annoying and unpleasant bitch. The promos showed a Type-A mom berating her wallflowerish husband (and that is where we have zero commonalities!) while 8 little darlings ran roughshod around them.

The gist of this dissertation is this: Kate continued to whine/bitch/moan about the fact that life in the public eye is soo difficult. It's too hard. Soo much is asked of them.


What, praytell, did she think that she was tapping into when she agreed to do the reality show? Because, if my intellect is correct, I'm thinking she was the one who convinced Jon that the show was a good idea.

So I'm doing my own damn reality show. On this blog. Watch for episodes to come!


  1. Ha! This will be good. : )

    I had never seen that show until we were on vacation a few months ago. I don't even understand how they got together in the first place. Even the earlier episodes were like a car wreck you couldn't look away from.