Friday, September 25, 2009

My life, in pieces

So today I decided it's time to dust that shadowbox. Being a military family, we usually move every 5 years or so, and the shadowbox is something that gets dusted when we move, since it's such a task. Well, we've become a military family that doesn't move so much, and it's been 5 years since we moved in this house, so it was time. So I spent about an hour removing, dusting, and putting back and the stories rolled through my head. So here they are.

1. This used to be on a necklace that my Grandma Anderson gave me. I also have a tiny suede Indian purse with a fringe that she gave to me. She traveled a lot, this was one of the souvenirs that I received.
2. Teeny-tiny English/German dictionary that I picked up somewhere in Germany. It's technically British English, but it still works. I used my standard dictionary test to ensure it was thorough (which means that I checked to make sure the swear words were there. They were). Took this all over Germany to translate when needed!
3. Lady, standing on the windowsill of our apartment in Germany, along with her doggie tag. I miss her and I love her. We had to put her down when she went into organ failure. She was the best dog ever!
4. This is a horse hat pin that I bought at West Allis Western Days when I was 11. I loved horses and I spent all the money that I had (though I don't know where the money came from as I did not have a job nor regular allowance). My first jewlery purchase.
5. Swarovski crystal beer stein that we got from a gift shop at the top of the highest peak in Germany.
6. Praying hands that belonged to my Grandma Hestekin. I don't have many reminders of her, so this means a lot.
7. Got this whimsical tile in Capri. What an amazing place to visit! Can't wait to go back.
8. Bullet casings from date nights at the gun range!
9. Bottle cap from Schoefferhoffer Kristallweizen beer. A favorite we found in Germany, and a friend picked us up a rack of beer from Germany a few years back when he went on a trip there.We rationed it out as much as we could. We need more.
10. A bottle of Jagermeister that was consumed while standing atop the highest peak in Austria. Tucked behind it is a photo of Becky & I from a photo booth in Madison, Wi. We took a roadtrip to see what the college folks did, hung out on State St and went to see "Christmas Vacation" at a huge movie theatre, which was incredibly awesome.
11. St George, slayer of dragons and patron saint of the military. He's my favorite.
12. A penny Farthing coin that my husband acquired. We were in England and I said our name was "Farthing, like the coin," and the person I was speaking to looked at me like I was nuts. She had no idea what a penny farthing was. Hello? It's your currency, not mine.
13. Wisconsin! Need I say more?
14. Two pictures of me & Tony. One on the beach in NC. One shooting guns in WI.
15. A triptych from the Vatican. I'm not a religious person but I do love religious artifacts and artwork.
16. The Wind in the Willows was one of my most very favorite books as a kid.

And that's me. There are things in this little shadowbox from all corners of the world - Canada, England, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey ... just to name a few.

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  1. I love that you remember the details of all the things in the shadow box!