Saturday, October 03, 2009

3 Rocktober

Today's hot pick? Luscious Jackson, baby. Fever In / Fever Out.

Track List:
Naked Eye
Don't Look Back
Mood Swing
Under Your Skin
Take a Ride
Water Your Garden
Soothe Yourself
Why Do I Lie?
One Thing

I can't remember when I bought this disc, but I know it was sometime after I saw them perform @ HFStival in DC, 1996 perhaps? Great CD, definitely estrogen rock, lots of mention of lady business in here. But it's an old favorite. Everyone knows Naked Eye, and there's a part in that song where the music kind of opens up and you realize that you didn't even notice that it was kind of clenched before that. I love moments like that. Mood Swing is one of my favorites, very moody and actually a bit PMS-y. If you could call a song PMS-y. And this song proves to me that you can.

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