Monday, October 05, 2009

A Fifth of Rocktober

Need a little pick-me-up, make me happy music on a Monday music. So it's all about Rancid - Let the Dominoes Fall.

Track List:
East Bay Night
This Place
Up To No Good
Last One To Die
I Ain't Worried
New Orleans
Civilian Ways
The Bravest Kids
Skull City
L.A. River
Dominoes Fall
Liberty and Freedom
You Want It, You Got It
That's Just The Way It Is Now
The Highway

What's awesome about Rancid? I love punk. But this is also completely modern, and they pay homage & respect to the men and women (not TROOPS. That's so impersonal) who fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. For that, they've earned an undying fan. "Disconnected" & "Lulu" are the two earworms that keep running through my head, but this whole disc just rocks. Great to get you moving on a Monday morning.

And - how exciting! In other news, I've been celebrated on the Music Savvy Mom today - so you can find a bonus playlist and a really sweet post from my new friend Ri, who rocks it out old school, new school and all schools in between, like a proper mom should!

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