Friday, October 02, 2009

Rocktober the 2nd

Today's pick: disc 4 of the Led Zeppelin box set.

Track list:
In the Evening
Candy Store Rock
The Ocean
Ozone Baby
Houses of the Holy
Wearing & Tearing
Poor Tom
Nobody's Fault but Mine
Fool in the Rain
In the Light
The Wanton Song
Moby Dick / Bonzo's Montreux
I'm Gonna Crawl
All My Love

Way back in 91 when I bought a CD player and ushered myself in to the 21st century, I kept a foot planted firmly in the past as this was the first disc (more accurately, 4 discs) that I bought. I will have future entries on Led Zeppelin, as their music seems to be intertwined in my life. For now, this is a good place to address those symbols that we always thought were sooo cool:

Ooh, so mysterious.
And, in the days before Google, we couldn't just type it in and look it up, so there was much speculation. A little digging turns up the explanation that they wanted to avoid the hype and any names on LZ IV, so they chose these cryptic marks to symbolize themselves. More on that later.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more about those cryptic marks, Mari!

    Cool blog!