Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rocktober the Sixth

When I'm a walkin', I strut my stuff, and I'm so *strung out*!

You know & love them - Violent Femmes.

Track List:

blister in the sun
kiss off
please do not go
add it up
prove my love
to the kill
gone daddy gone
good feeling
gimme the car

I remember when I first heard the Femmes, I was probably 15? 16? At my dad's work picnic with my BFF, we were trying to be cool for the young men, trying to impress them with our worldly high school ways. A guy--I think his name was Rocky?--played this CD, excuse me, cassette, in the deck of his bitchin' Camaro, and I was forever hooked. On the music, that is.

What made them extra-special-cool was the 3 piece band (oh how I've grown to love the bass; used to be a lead guitar girl, now it's all about the bass) and the fact that they are from Milwaukee.

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