Monday, November 23, 2009


There are 2 quotes in my mind today. The first one was from Jennifer Lopez, who said in In Style Magazine something to the effect of if she pursues something she needs it never results as good as if she pursues something she wants. I apologize that I don't have the quote handy, becuase it really struck me when I read it. I tore it out of the magazine and used it as a bookmark for a bit before tearing it up into tiny pieces and throwing it away.

The other quote in my head is from a song by Gnarls Barkley: "anyone who needs what they want but doesn't want what they need, I want nothing to do with."

There is a slim but important line between forcing an issue and fighting to get what you need. I'm a firm believer in wanting what I need and not needing what I want -- life is too short to waste it on things that just don't matter! I think that if I understand where my intentions are coming from, I can better understand what it is I'm trying to accomplish -- whether I'm chasing something I want or accepting something that I need.

Case in point: earlier this year, we found out about a dog and decided to check it out as a new addition to our family. We like dogs. I have a soft spot for black and white female dogs (especially border collies) due to a dog we rescued from the pound in 1995 or so. She was a good dog, loyal and kind, and she lived a happy life with us before succumbing to illness (but I digress). This dog was named Ike, he was a small whitish dog, displaced after hurricane Ike hit land. A rescue dog. I love a rescue dog.

So we met Ike and he was a little yippy dog (strike one). He was somewhat aggressive (strike two). He liked to chew and dig (strike three). Can we keep him!? Can we!? Can we!? We kept him for a few weeks. I tried ever so hard to force it to work out but ultimately realized that he was so not the dog for us. And now I had to break that news to my kids.

Don't get me wrong; he was not a bad dog, per se; he was just not the right dog for us. I told my kids that Ike wasn't happy, and truly, I don't think he was. He pooped in the house. He ate expensive shoes, table legs and Barbie dolls. He chewed through his leash and dug holes all over the yard. My kids were too young and he needed older kids to play with (he was not good with letting his ears be pulled, but he loved to chase and run and that scared the crap out of them). He needed a non-aggressive family and we are all four quite yelly. We need a laid-back, understanding canine who can roll with the noise and not get overly aggressive or excited.


I tried. Too hard. I wanted so badly to make it fit, I didn't see that it was not going to be a good fit. I caused my kids much sadness but in hindsight, we all learned from it.

Flash forward 6 months. I learned of a stray dog taken in by my good friend Mitzi. A black and white dog (good). A black and white female dog (very good). A black and white female border collie mix (awesome!). I showed the picture to my dear husband along with the email about this gentle, housebroken dog in need of a home. I figured he would think I was nuts after the Ike debacle, but I was so wrong. He saw her face and he was intrigued as well. We both decided to meet her. And we fell in love. We brought the kids to meet her. They, too, fell in love.

She's a little banged up from a forest adventure but still a loving dog in need of a family to love. She's too thin and sleeps a lot, but she has a lot of people who are cheering her on and helping her to grow big & strong. We are waiting for the animal shelter to tell us that her original adoptive family (who told Mitzi they wanted to kill this dog but she ran away too fast) indeed does not want her so she can be ours.

We are biding our time and trying to be patient, letting things happen as they were meant to happen. Trying to ensure that we get what we need and don't confuse it with what we want. It's a tough distinction but I'm sure trying.

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  1. She is beautiful. I hope it works out!