Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What did YOU do today? ...

... 'cause here's what I did:
  • woke up early to write for NANOWRIMO
  • showered twice (not in a row)
  • ran 1.5 miles or so
  • did intervals on the elliptical
  • had a business meeting and strategic planning session
  • passed out magazines to the air force base
  • bought my husband a card & pickle-flavored sunflower seeds
  • ate some fruit salad
  • spent too much time on social networking websites
  • listened to Amy Winehouse and several mix CDs after changing out the car's CD changer
  • drank 4 or more Sam Adams Summer Ales (in my defense - they are about to expire)
  • went to the school book fair
  • said to my son: "do you have to make the pee-pee" in a very strange accent
You can decide for yourself in what order these events occurred.


  1. But you didn't go scrapbooking with me!! Sniff..sniff!

  2. Pickle-flavored sunflower seeds? Really...?