Thursday, December 31, 2009

Charlies and Tigers and Daves! Oh my!

Was this the year of the sexually compromising event or what?

I've been watching the Tiger Woods thing play out, like we all have, and just think it's crazy. Seriously - the man had sex. While I don't condone or support extramarital affairs, it's not behavior that will get him thrown in jail.

Charlie Sheen on the other hand ... this is a guy who is accused of spousal abuse. A guy who has been a drug addict, drunk driver, John for prostitutes and he shot Kelly Preston for Pete's sake. This is a guy who has done some bad things and broken some laws.

David Letterman ... well I threw his name in there primarily for the poetic value in the title of this entry, but he too had a bit of a scandal. And he headed off the lunatic press and admitted to it before he could be publicly criticized for it. I applaud him for that, but still think he needs to rethink his choices.

Okay so back to the misters Sheen and Woods. So Tiger, arguably the highest-paid athlete on the scene today, has been losing his sponsorships left and right. He's basically gone into hiding while this scandal rages on. Charlie, the highest-paid actor on TV today, will lose ... well ... nothing, if the reports I've seen are true. It's projected that his acting career will rage on, as it has in the aftermath of his previous scandals and legal mischief.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

Yes, Tiger was portrayed as a clean-cut, all-American boy with the perfect family and life. He cheated on his wife. It seems as those Americans who held him up to a higher standard were let down, were fooled by his ... humanity? His ability to make a mistake?

The opinion on Charlie seems to be that he has always been a bad boy. And boys will be boys. The public has come to expect this kind of behavior from him, so the repurcussions will be minor.

Now, this is all just my opinion. I have no angst or bitterness toward any of these gentlemen. I don't look to Tiger to show me how to be an upstanding citizen, or to tell me what kind of car to drive or what kind of watch to wear just as I don't look to Mr Sheen for my television viewing pleasure. I'm not talking about the behavior of these 2 as much as I'm talking about our reaction to it. And by our I mean the general population.

And don't even get me started on the "breaking news" aspect that both of these stories have generated. Is there nothing more pressing that we could focus on? I hope that 2010 will remind us to focus on new that's really newsy. Not gossip.

So that's my opinion - take it or leave it, but you don't have to like it.

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  1. The difference, to me anyway, is that Tiger is selling products...and is hired because of his image. If his image is tainted than his sponsors image would also be tainted, hence why they withdrew this support. I totally get that. It's business

    With Sheen, throw the bastard in jail....'til he rots. His wife is yet another Rihanna in my opinion, trying to save his image by retracting her accusations. Too late can't save him, but you can save yourself and show others that behavior like this is not tolerated and the man needs to pay the price/consequence.

    'nuff said.