Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the secret revealed

No, not that secret. Someone already wrote a book about that one.

My secret. When I'm stressed out and have a lot to say, I want to blog. However, when I fear I may spew hate & vitriol out into the world, I turn to music and write about that instead. So, that being said ...

This is a music week! Yesterday I was feeling a bit angsty and a lot angry, so I turned to my most favorite angsty anger rock - Metallica's ...and Justice for All. My most very favorite Met song is on there (Eye of the Beholder) which has the smartest lyrics of any song in their catalog, if'n you ask me. (see previous entry here)

Since yesterday was Metallica Monday, I decided that today must be something starting with a T Tuesday. So I picked up 311 because most of my other T music just didn't fit my mood. (Why can't a day start with A? I could use some Alice in Chains today).

We shall see what tomorrow will bring.

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