Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everybody's doin' it

I just finished watching Julie & Julia, a movie I've been wanting to see for quite a long time. I'd heard about the book and really loved it, I was thrilled when I heard about the movie but just never got to see it when it was in the theatres because, well ... did you ever feel like you were so excited for something but then once it came, you didn't want to rush it ... because you know the anticipation is sometimes the best part. And when you really like something, you want to savor it [like Julia's boeuf bourguignon?] and not rush through it.

Well, I thought the movie was great; I loved Meryl Streep as Julia, Stanley Tucci is amazing and Amy Adams was adorable as ever. A good chick flick, a good story that kept me smiling. But ... still.

(this is the tangent part): So I'm watching the movie, which has the subtext of the love story between Julie & her husband. But I know that now they are divorced and she's written a book about that. So that made it difficult to watch. Makes me a little sad for them - I want to yell at the screen to her husband "run! go now!" but I know that's not feasible as it's a tv and nobody can hear me (plus I might wake the kids).

(back to our regularly scheduled programming): And another point of the movie is the whole idea of blogging. About how narcissistic bloggers are [ahem; I prefer 'self-reflective']. About how everyone is a writer now - and you can be a writer too! We can all do it! To be fair, Julie had skillz (yes, with a 'z'); she was a writer, she just didn't have the confidence that a writer needs to push that writing into the public.

I've always felt a little self-serving with the blogging. It's where I put down all my unstated thoughts. Where other people may or may not read the random shit that crawls through my head. But, underneath it all, I've always wanted to be a writer. I have always been an avid reader. I've always written stories and poetry (but - in the interest of full disclosure - don't really like to read poetry). I work as an editor and writer of articles (and blogs!). I've gotten excited over an interesting turn of phrase. I remember having an Oprah-level A-Ha Moment when Denise (my former editor and current friend and mentor) change a troublesome sentence to a simple, meaningful statment. I think I may have high-fived her. I love words.

And I want to be a writer. I want to write books! But where to begin?

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  1. Well said! I am the same way! Only whatever talent I may have had at one time seems to have disappeared. Maybe I'll uncover it again one of these days?