Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm such a tease.

An excerpt from the "novel"* I'm working on:
I moved toward the door, careful of bumping into furniture or stepping on an errant and squeaking floorboard. The front door is open, but the screen is latched. I unlatch the door and take a deep breath when I step out of the unfamiliar house onto the unfamiliar porch and look out at the unfamiliar street. I sit on the bottom step and zip my boots, deciding to turn right at the end of the walkway so at least one thing I do today will be right. I walk for six blocks on streets and sidewalks, heat around me raging like the pounding within my head. My skin is slick but my lips are dry. I’m looking at the street signs I pass, but they don’t correlate to the streets I know. I’m on 20th Street. I pass Scott Street, Reynolds Court, Monarch Lane. When I reach Wildwood Parkway there is a dollar store, and I go inside to buy a bottle of water and a pair of flip flops so I can take off these cheap spike-heeled boots. I sit on the curb drinking the water and fold up the boots to tuck into the dollar store sack. I grab the receipt stuck in the bottom corner of the sack and glance at it. I realize that it says I’m in Monroe and no longer in Brenner. My last memory is standing in The Bar in Brenner, ordering another beer, asking Walter for change to play the dart machine, enjoying the cool night breeze coming in through the open doors and windows.

I realize that now, in the harsh bright light of this humid day, I am 100 miles from home and I have no idea how I had gotten here.

And this was the moment that I knew it was time to go.
If you're a reader - please do leave a comment. Putting this on my blog is equivalent to posting a picture of myself in my skivvies.

 * I use quotes here because I feel weird referring to a work in progress as a novel.


  1. That is great, Mari! I am not just saying that because you are my friend. It is definitely something I would want to read and I do want to read it when you are done!

  2. So where's the rest? You're gonna leave me hanging???

  3. Well....I am certainly intrigued!

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