Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Musical Mojo

Remember that one episode of Seinfeld where Elaine's boyfriend like, completely pauses in whatever he is doing every time Desperado by the Eagles comes on the radio? I totally dated that guy. But it was a different song, a very elaborate Led Zeppelin song that seemed to make a nod to the one who did him wrong, that girl or woman in his past who squashed him flat and left him in the dust. I remember hanging out in a group of 10 or so of his friends and the song came on for the first time; I said something and endured the glares of those surrounding me, a "How dare you speak during the sacred song!? The SACRED SONG!!" glare from everyone in the room, mutters under the breath. Our fledgling relationship was over before it began because of that song. I made the mistake of disrespecting the sacred song. Sigh.

Now I'm a big fan of meaningful song lyrics - it defines me to many of the folks that I know. I spent New Year's Day at a friend's house and they had a very awesome classic rock station  on the XM radio playing, and aside from a single Steely Dan song (eww), I knew the words to every song and sang along. Con mucho gusto.

Oh, and a quick aside to the Lincoln Navigator people? I would totally buy one (if I had the cash, was in the market for a car, and owned my own gas station to fuel the SUV) due to the fact that you used Major Tom in the ad. Such an awesome song.

Lyrics get me through my day. Today, I smiled the biggest whilst listening to Rancid (seriously, how can you hear "I had a dream I was a vigilante's sidekick / my name is Tim, I'm a lesser-known character" and not smile?). Music is extremely important to me. It defines so many moments for me, and pretty much anything you (or anyone else) says to me (or just says out loud in my proximity) leads me to a song lyric (or an episode of Seinfeld or an SNL sketch). Is this normal? It's fun for me, even if it's not normal.

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  1. I "ewww" at Steely Dan, too! Or any of that 80s easy-listening stuff, really.

    OMG. I think I'm officially stalking you now; this is like, the fourth post or so where I've left a comment :)