Monday, January 11, 2010

social media rambling

I've been sooo annoying lately. There are times in one's life that bring that out, and this has been one of those times. We are a military family, and we have military duties.

I've been watching all the chaos on Twitter regarding another military mom and her use of social media immediately following an accident that took away the life of her child. I've seen the nasty, angry lashing out of people who don't know what it's like to live away from your loved ones, what it's like to use social media out of necessity to reach your peers, what it's like to live someplace brand new, set up a household while your spouse is deployed. I know what that's like.

I've struggled with how much is too much - how much do I share, how much do I keep to myself? Is it oversharing or compromising safety? Does anyone even want to read the crap that falls out of my head?

I read a book recently that said that a lot of bloggers are borderline (or full-fledged) manic depressives, self-involved, slightly narcisstic oversharing folks who feel that everyone else finds their life just as fascinating as they themselves do. I don't think I'm that woman, I'm just looking for a public place to yell, release pressure and get a little perspective.

More to come, folks.


  1. I love reading the crap that falls out of your head!

  2. Yell all you want! : )