Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Fiver

I have nothing original to say. So I stole the title from my friend the Music Savvy Mom. If you don't know what the Friday Fiver is, you need to go here: As long as I have nothing to say, I will post a random list of five things each Friday.

I do hope that inspiration strikes me soon.
So here is my Friday Fiver: Five random things to kick us off:
  1. My first car was a 1980 Chevy Impala. It looked like a police car, seated about 8 comfortably, did not have a tape deck, and I tricked it out with a ball fringe around the back windows. In the three years or so that I owned it, I drove it across frozen lakes, put it in a few ditches, changed one flat and changed the oil about twice.
  2. I enjoy public speaking. I was not always like this. I did a stint as a software instructor (Word, Powerpoint, etc) and I learned that being a good public speaker is about 75% bravado/attitude. I worked on a computer helpdesk for a few years and that was great training for handling difficult people in all aspects of life.
  3. Although I don't mind the public speaking, up close I'm pretty shy. I can put this away when interacting in a public capacity through my work or when I'm with my kids. I'm not a person who has a smile on their face when I'm not purposefully making an expression, I'm more of a Dwight Shrute-type natural frowner. And if you don't talk to me, I assume it's because you're stuck up and not necessarily because you don't want to go near the weird frowny lady (a/k/a me).
  4. You can gauge my mood by the size of my purse. Higher stress = larger handbag.
  5. There was this TV show called "Throb" that I remember clearly. Jane Leeves played a woman named "Blue" and they worked at a radio station, if memory serves. I can still sing part of the theme song ( ... I'm workin' T-H-R-O-B; I'm workin' throb! feel the beat, feel the beat, feel the heart beat ... ) 
Okay, that's all I got! If something else comes to me before next Friday I'll post it. Otherwise, I'll post another random list of 5 next week.


  1. Ball fringe around the windows - CLASSIC. My first car was a 1966 Ford Falcon - baby blue - that I named "Ned the Wino" because that's EXACTLY what he sounded like when he coughed,stuttered and stalled when started in the morning...

  2. Too funny -- I was in love with a yellow Falcon back then but styled in my Impala. I would hit the gas at a green light & the engine would rev for a few seconds before it would actually go forward...