Monday, June 21, 2010

meme Monday

So, I read about it here and posted it below. Will you play along?

What is your favorite band/artist? (Specify “right now” or “all time”)

  • Right now – Rancid. They make me happy in a most uber-pleasant manner.
What is your least favorite band/artist? (Specify “right now” or “all time”)
  • Steely Dan. Eww.
What genre of music do you LOVE? (Gotta pick just one)
  • If I could only have one … I would cheat and say “alternative” because that could be easily applied to all genres! But if I’m being honest and not cheating … I would have to go with straight-ahead, guitar-driven, old-school, rock-and-roll.
What genre of music do you HATE? (Gotta pick just one)
  • Whatever that crap is that Lady Gaga sings.
What is a song that you love?
  • Right now I can’t stop singing “Friends & Family” thanks to a previous Friday Fiver (not complaining)
What is a song that you find incredibly annoying?
  • “Old Time Rock & Roll” should be scrubbed from the earth.
What is your favorite “embarrassing guilty pleasure song”?
If you were in/involved with a hugely popular band…what “position” would you most want to fill & why?
  • Lead singer. Cannot play instruments, ego too large to play an off stage role.
What “position” would you NOT like to attempt & why?
  • Umm … keytar?
If you could meet one musician that has passed away, who would it be and why?
  • Jim Morrison. He fascinates me.


  1. LOL...I totally agree with Steely Dan. Ick.

  2. Alright, now, you two. Back up off my Steely Dan. *raised eyebrow face at the both of you*

    And Mari, I ALMOST put a Lady Gaga song for one I hate. Ugh.

  3. Sorry, Ri, but dude - Steely Dan is just icky.

    Lady Gaga sings songs like Keenan Thompson makes fun of on SNL's "Deep House Dish" skits but she's not being ironic.

  4. AMEN to the Steely Dan!!