Friday, July 16, 2010

This part? Sucks.

This is the true story of six people picked to live in a loft. What happens when things STOP being polite and START being real? The Real World.

Do you remember that, when the "Real World" was new? I remember that first season, how groundbreaking it was. I loved it and was hooked on the show for many years. [begin tangent] Now what sticks with me from the first season is the personal interviews they did with Julie, the southern girl who aspired to be a dancer. She had a box of daffodils next to her bed, I loved that. [end tangent]

But what happens when the real world (sans air quotes, captiol letters or italics) starts to be too real? That's my reality right now, and it all spins around 2 great big words: Deployment and Cancer.

I'm indireclty affected by each of these two large words. I'm trying so hard to manage a situation right now that is so completely out of my control. Now, honestly, if I can handle it, I can manage it; but if I can't have any say in it, it's tough. And that sucks when you add kids into that, because the other factors are so overwhelming, I know that it's tough on the kids too. I want to do my best to keep them happy and unaffected by the drama of life (though I do admit that instead of saving for college I am saving for therapy; I'm nothing if not practical).

So, I'm doing my best to rely a little bit on my friends to get by as best as I can. So, send me your happy thoughts. :)


  1. You are awesome!

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    You're a strong person. I'm sorry you're going thru tough things. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Need to get together sometime, it's been forever.

    Amy Drabek