Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm not dead yet

I was hanging out with my sister & we were talking about random stuff as we are wont to do. I noticed her husband's guitar in the corner and said the following:
My biggest regret will always be that I didn't learn to play guitar.
WTF? I'm 40, I'm not dead.

Yes, when I think of playing guitar I dream of spotlights and mic stands, debaucherous nights and leather pants, and those days might not be in my future but I'm not too old to play the guitar. I was totally fine to turn 40, no big deal, just a number; however when the day approached I got a little kerfluffled; there are things that I will never get a chance to do. This list includes:
  • Wear a bikini whilst sporting rock-hard abs
  • Backpack through Europe before settling down
  • Stalk Follow Metallica around the country and become BFFs with James Hetfield
  • Be a singer in a rock & roll band
  • Get various parts of my face pierced
  • Be a contestant on Survivor
And really? How many of those things do I want to do? I have neither the time nor the fiery ambition to give up beer and buttercream and bacon and have rock-hard abs. I've been to Europe; backpacking is overrated, I would prefer nice hotel rooms. I sing an awesome karaoke and am often asked to sing encores. I am not big on piercings. And me, on Survivor? Yeah, as I said, I would prefer the nice hotel room.

But there is still a list of things that I will do:
  • Try out for roller derby
  • Play guitar
  • Learn to make an awesome sausage gravy
  • Run a 10K
  • Write a book or 2
  • Be completely happy where I am
But I do reserve the right to stalk follow Metallica.


  1. I know you will! If you find the good gravy recipe, do share, darling.

    And, think, if you write a page a day, you'll have your first draft of your book this time next year! You can do it.

  2. Ooooh lets try out for the roller derby together. And you ARE going to be the drummer for my metal band. You said so. ;-)

  3. I'm holding you to the 10K!

  4. Malena - I'm working on it!
    Lauri - I'm all over derby; we can discuss. And I will be your drummer, anytime :)
    Christy - I have no doubt that you will be behind me, poking me, the entire way!

  5. I can help you with the gravy... :)