Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday grunge.

I was a huge fan of the grunge movement. HUGE. The music was awesome. The wardrobe was even better. Flannel shirts? Check; that had been a fashion statement for me for years. Combat boots. Double check. Torn jeans. Yup. Okay so I preferred the male grunge uniform more than the female version with the babydoll dresses. Oh, and I still showered daily; I didn't extend the idea of grunge to include my hygiene.

So why all the grunge talk? Today's pick!
Alice in Chains: The Rooster
A song about a sniper, off one of my favorite albums, Dirt. This one even made my hitlist last Roctober (here). Nirvana eclipsed the genre but AIC was way more grungy than Nirvana ever was. And I flove Nirvana; but in retrospect they were the more pop/alt eddge of grunge; AIC was the hardcore edge for sure.  

One of the things I really like about AIC was the harmonies that lead singer Layne Staley & guitarist Jerry Cantrell. Brought to mind the same dynamic you heard with Roger Waters and David Gilmour, a hot/cold, hard/soft, heavy/light pairing that is just magical.

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