Friday, October 01, 2010

October? RAWKtober!

Okay, so last month was "pick a random quote" month, and that turned out swell.
So how do I top that?
How do I do something even more awesome than that!?
How indeed ...

Well, first of all it's October, so of course that means [R]october ... but it needs to be even better! So
RAWKtober it is.
A random song a day for each day in October.
Some days there will be more! But just one to start.
And our first song, chosen at random through my personal iTunes?
Aerosmith: Come Together
This is perhaps my most very favorite remakes. First of all, I remember the movie it came from, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was awesome. Second of all, Steven Tyler's voice is perfectly suited for the song. See for yourself:

Dude, is that the Solid Gold set they're singing on?
RAWK on, readers! Tune in tomorrow for another random nugget.


  1. That you'd even have and inkling what the Solid Gold set looks like.. is one of the MANY reasons I freakin' wub your ass... RAWK on!

  2. Dude ... Solid Gold? I wanted to be that dancer with the 5 foot long hair, she was bad-ass! I want to find that show on video!