Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The one where I call an audible.

Today I am foregoing the random song selection in favor of a playlist. You see, I cannot get a certain Van Halen song out of my head. And there have been a few that keep popping up into my brain, so I’m going to give my top 10 Van Halen (NOT Hagar), in no particular order.*

I’m a longtime lover of Van Halen (need proof?), and I have had a mad crush on David Lee Roth that truthfully has not receded with his hairline. I was ecstatic that he rejoined the boys for a recent tour, though I was unable to go to see the reunion when it came through my town (I heard a story that the band cleared a million dollars at each performance through ticket sales and merchandise; I decided they didn’t need my $100+ cheap seat fee and decided to stay home instead, where I could listen to really loud VH songs of my choice and pour beer that didn’t cost $10 per cup over my own head, just to get that concert ambience).

* Okay, I was going to put up my top ten; but I could only find 7 decent recordings. So here those are!

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