Saturday, October 02, 2010

Solid Gold! Oh, and Metallica.

First, I had to Google "Solid Gold" after mentioning it yesterday & found this:
Compare that backdrop to the backdrop from yesterday's video, you'll see the comparison. Oh, the dancers! They were so over-the-top; I've made many well-timed "interpretive dancing" jokes at their expense, done completely out of love and respect. Now that I've found the images, I'm so all over trying to find the show on DVD. How awesome would that be!??

On to today's selection:
Whiplash by Metallica
This song is from the album, Kill 'em All in 1983, right around the same time that Solid Gold was high on the ratings. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

I've always loved Metallica for their lyrics. Though some songs do reference the heavy metal trifecta (demons, drinking, drugs), I've found most of their songs contain really smart turns of phrase or topics you don't expect.Their instruments are harsh; the singing is growling and intense; the lyrics are smart and sharp. Love 'em!

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