Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse.

The reports say that she possibly died from a drug overdose, but they are unconfirmed.
But the hits are coming.
How can you not make the obligatory "Rehab" jokes if the death was possibly an overdose?
The sin is that her amazing talent will be overshadowed by the irony.

This is how I will choose to remember Amy Winehouse. Smart, fiery, tattooed & functional. She was an amazing singer and songwriter. Her songs were, well, music to my ears. I love her music.
She came on the scene when I had a lot of craziness in my life and her music eased me through my troubled times. Her songwriting had a tongue-in-cheek quality to it even while she tackled big, tough subjects like drugs and infidelity.
I won't remember the crazy drug-addled Amy Winehouse, pictured stumbling down the streets of London in soiled ballet flats, packet of Marlboros in hand. I won't remember the strung out Amy Winehouse, recorded in concert screwing up her lyrics and unable to finish her performance.
Too many people will remember that.
Instead, I'll listen to my CDs and think of the amazing talent that we are lucky enough to have.
Be at peace, Amy. At last.

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