Sunday, November 20, 2011

Frustated, Inc

I am a frustrated writer.
I am reading books and stories that are leaving me flat; making me think to myself, "man! I could do better than that!"
It's one of those "nut up or shut up" kind of moments.

I tried the NANOWRIMO before, wherein you write a novel in a month (talked about that before, too). I've been doing the NABLOPOMO but have missed a few days. The pressure to write something that is at least somewhat interesting overwhelms me; the fact that there are like 5 active readers on this blog takes the edge off the feeling overwhelmed.
So here is what I intend to do:
Books about writing books and other assorted nonsense.
Looks impressive when it's all collected in one place, no?
  1. I'm going to start reading that great big stack of books about writing that I have in my office (see above). This selection shown includes all the books I could find lying around the house in various locations; I believe there may be a few more. And there are many downloaded on my Kindle as well.
    1. I'll write about these books after I read them. Though I reserve the right NOT to read the Roget's Thesaurus. I believe you may already be familiar with that one and I'm not a complete lunatic.
  2. I'm going to assign a notebook to the task of fiction writing and endeavor to write one page of fiction each day, in longhand. A short story, a long story, an outline of a story or plot, something for kids or something for adults; writing is what I will do.
    1. When I get something together, I'll post it here. The 20th of the month will be designated as Fiction Day and I'll post something of the drivel that I've come up with in the previous month's time. You've been warned!


  1. I love the idea of #2. I may have to join you on that endeavour.

  2. I can't wait to read what you come up with! I hope it goes well...I have struggled with this same issue for about 20 years...but you know that. ;)

  3. Kudos to you for attempting NaBloPoMo. I wanted to do that, but can barely get anything not meme- or specific writing prompt-related on my blog as it is.

    I, too, love your idea of #2. I think I get too distracted just sitting at a computer, so longhand may be the way to go. Or start out, at least.

  4. Oh, and Mari, do you have a button for your blog anywhere? I'd love to grab one for my site if you do.