Friday, November 18, 2011


I missed a day in my blogging binge but there are some days this month where I've had more than one post so hopefully that carries me through. It's been a long week. Just some thoughts:
  • I'm frustrated by the economy. Our government needs a revolution. It's time to put term limits on Congress. Public service should not be a career where you are able to make millions.
  • I'm encouraged by well-behaved children. Children who use manners, say please and thank you, and stop running in the halls at school because they see me there (even though they start running again as soon as they are clear of me; it's important to know when its the right time to break a rule).
  • I'm angered when someone else's lack of attention makes more work for me. Whether it's the idiot in the car who speeds up to get in front of me and then promptly slows down so I have to change lanes; the child who is told to put something away and leaves five other things in his wake; the person who asks for the same information, with slightly different wording, every day for a week through email; the stranger who leaves his trash on the table at the cafe where busing your own table is de riguer; you people? Piss. Me. Off.
  • I'm tired of hearing about celebrity divorces. Is this really news?
  • I'm thanful to have wonderful friends and family in my life who understand me, challenge me, push me, pull me, love me and hug me when I need it.
Happy Friday!

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