Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Music and Memories

Good evening, my legion of readers! I don't normally post in the evening, but I've got something to say.

First, let me tell you something you might know: I am a music mama. Not just a music-loving mama, but a full on, official, business card carrying Music Mama (captial-M, captial-M).

See! I really AM a Music Mama!
We have a few new mamas submitting on the Music Mamas site, and yesterday, one of these mamas (a lady known in some circles as the Coastal Chick). She posted her first post this week (cheer for her!).

But what she couldn't have known is that I havent heard that song since I heard my brother in law sing it the last time I was in Wisconsin.
When I was there for my dad's memorial.
Where my brother in law also sang a few tear-filled songs in honor of my dad.
And that today I heard another song that I always thought would remind me of my dad & would be impossible to listen to after his passing.
That I listened to that song while thinking, "hey this isn't so bad; I'm not even crying!" but then as the day wore on, I thought more and more about him and started to get sad.
And then I read her post.
And I heard that song, that song that reminds me of my family. My brother in law. My dad's memorial.

Grief sucks. It comes at you when you don't expect it and effects you in ways that maybe you didn't anticipate. I'm not all weepy / mushy / falling apart, just a bit sentimental.

Thank you, Coastal Chick (a/k/a Kathryn); you are aces in my book.

Oh; here is my brother in law (2nd from left) singing Wagon Wheel with the Bunkhouse Boys (a/k/a, 4 musician-slash-hunters in a cabin in Tomahawk, Wi). Love him.


  1. This is now my officially favorite-most version of Wagon Wheel. Love you. <3