Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why I like January.

It's January! Aren't you excited?
I am. The sun is shining, we're all healthy & relatively happy and I've got a calendar filled with 365 tiny little squares of possibility hanging on my wall.

Not everyone is a fan of January, but I am (clearly. I've just told you that). And here's why:
  1. I like winter. I like the cold weather (I'd rather be too cold than too hot & dreamed of these days all through this last season of SUMMERGEDDON that we had). I like snow (but I hate ice).
  2. So much possibility! A new calendar is a fresh start (says the woman with a paper product fetish). Just like a new notebook offers a chance to write a new story, a new calendar is a wide open possibility. 
  3. Do you hear that? It's quiet! Post-holidays, it's so peaceful. Gone is the audible clutter of the once-a-year music, the Santa talk, the budget juggling, the list-making, the holiday baking, the visual clutter (disclaimer: I love the visual clutter of the holidays!) in my house, the shuffling of things to storage so those once-a-year decorations come out and happily cover every surface ... when all that stuff is done and put away, there is such peace and quiet. We've all been sated by sweets and holiday cheer and we're all ready for some quiet time.
  4. The holidays always bring fond memories. Even the worst Christmases past offer some small bit of happy that I can carry forward with me. And now that I have kids, they carry these little happy nuggets with them as well. I try to focus on how the holidays bring out the best in people, and I carry that into the new year with me.
  5. Availability of motivation. Everybody is starting something new in January; a new diet, a new schedule, a new commitment to productivity, creativity, fill in your own -tivity here; that makes it easier to jump on and try something out for myself. I'm happy to take advantage of other people's motivation to help give my own motivation a boost! I call it "KALAKA" after that old carpooling PSA cartoon. No, it's not the same; but kalaka never caught on as the word for carpooling so I'm going to liberate it & use it for "using the motivation of others to inspire your own motivation." Kind of the opposite of "schadenfreude."
Love it or hate it, 2012 is here, people! Embrace it.

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  1. I am both excited and a bit anxious about the coming year. 2011 was a year of change for me, and 2012 will bring even more of that. I'm trying to prepare myself for it all by being the best and healthiest that I can be!

    Happy New Year!