Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The one where I attempt to decompress

My brain is spinning, way too much on my mind right now. So I'm going to download some of it, right here.

  1. I love "The Voice."It started again this week. My thoughts:
    • Adam is hot. Shiny like a rocket and hot. Kind of weird looking, he's got a clean cut yet scruffy look. But still hot. 
    • CeeLo makes love with words. He's like a fun-sized Barry White, Barry White's Mini-Me.
    • Christina Aguilera is a porcelain-skinned beauty but she shows way too much boob. Makes her look a bit trailerish. The producers need to not encourage her to be so snarly mean and to lighten that up a titch.
    • Blake is scruffy, tall and occasionally gets this crazy look in his eyes. He picked really bad songs for his contestants last year & I hope he does NOT do that again this year. 
    • When the judges are like, "oh man! I should have picked you! You're so hot!" it really undermines the whole meaning behind the show.
  2. Two weird musical moments this week:
    • Madonna's half-time show. Dare I say it? I loved it. For reals. She was... joyful. Looked happy to be there and jumping around. The squat-jump-squat-jump thing she kept doing made my knees hurt real bad just to watch. I don't care if she was lip-syncing; this was the way pop music was intended to be, joyous and fun. And I'm a little weirded out that I just wrote that because I've never bee much of a fan, but there you go.
    • My son's 4th grade class sang "We Are the World" at his school assembly last night. And it is so weird to have all of these moments where the music of my past is jumping up to smack me in the face. I'm not sure how I feel about it... but time marches on, right? And then I have to be faced with the fact that even though I'm a grown up, I still sing the parody version (... we are the worms! Out on the pavement!...)
And all this talk of weird reminds me of this shirt that my friend Ronda told me about (because I'm a grammar geek):
Found it on CafePress.com


  1. Although I do not think Adam is hot (sorry), I do agree with most of your voice commentary. Personally I would like to have Ceelo smile at me every day, what a great friend to have! He doesn't even have to say a thing, just smile at me--"you agree do you not?"

  2. I do, agree, Lisa! Ceelo is like a little drop of sunshine. He should be hired to deliver bad news, because he says things in such a way that even if it is bad news you feel better for having heard it!