Wednesday, March 21, 2012

50 Shades of... *blushing*

It started with random internet comments.

... have you read it yet? ...     ... it's totally porn...     ...bondage?...'s just Twilight fan fiction...     ...OMG You! Must! Read! It!...'s horrible...'s a must-read!...     ...I couldn't put it down...     ... it's all about sex!

Yes, I admit it; I was intrigued. I had a few minutes so I fired up the Kindle and found Fifty Shades of Grey on Amazon and downloaded the sample. And I was hooked.

What exactly is Fifty Shades? You've no doubt heard the hype about it, but here's the quick & dirty (tee-hee!): it started out as a self-published fan fiction spin on the popular Twilight series. But where Twilight is filled with innuendo and chaste, sparkling vampires, Fifty Shades is filled with graphically-described sexual encounters and a twitchy-palmed power broker by the name of Christian.

When Ana meets Christian, she quite literally physically falls for him (she's a bit clumsy), and soon it's an emotional fall as well. Book 1 of this trilogy introduces Ana into Christian's world, a world that involves non-disclosure agreements, domination and control.

The book is filled with graphic sexual encounters, and it may toy with the limitations of what you feel is appropriate, but at the root of it, E. L. James' story is a simple one: Ana is a young, naive everygirl and Christian is the damaged, beautiful man that steals her heart. Can she tame this bad boy? Soothe his pain? Will he fall as hard for her as she does for him?

And that's what keeps me reading. I love a fixer-upper! A damaged bad boy with a heart of gold and eyes only for me? Swoon.

I'm nearly done with I devoured book 2 (Fifty Shades Darker) and have already purchased read about 1/3 of the final book (Fifty Shades Freed). At times a bit much (there is a LOT of sex plus silly references to inner goddess), it's true that these books are not for everyone. But, well, if you're into that sort of thing? Get it, girl.


  1. My friend called me a couple of days ago and told me to download all three.. she also told me to make sure my husband was in town when I read them. a-hem. They aren't for everyone but they sure work for me!!!

  2. LOL! The books aren't that bad. I saw Dr. Drew talking about them and how they are damaging to the psyche. Important to note that he hadn't read them & the only panelist who had said they were harmless. The idea of them is worse than the reality! I think the story (told in the trilogy) is rather empowering.