Monday, March 05, 2012

Keep Out!

Of my uterus.

Why is this even up for discussion? There are several stories in the news lately that are just giving me fits.

Fist, Sandra Fluke. A seemingly responsible adult who wants to ensure that her birth control pills are covered by her insurance, is being called out as a slut by a grown man who puts himself into the public eye and whom we are supposed to regard as a community leader. Wait; what? He says she wants to be "paid to have sex" and thinks that is the same as wanting her private insurance to cover her prescription medications, including birth control? Oh goodness me.

Second, in my state, there is currently discussion of the Personhood Act, wherein a fetus is declared to be a full-fledged human person, with all the rights and protections afforded to a full-fledged human person. This is opening a lot of heated discussion and debate.

What I want to know, as a woman, is why does anyone think the government belongs in my uterus? Because, to be completely clear, nobody is welcome there without an explicit invitation.

I'm saddened to see that in this election year it's not coming down to who can provide the strongest, most positive impact on our economy; who can ensure that our country's defenses are shored up and strong; who can offer the best suggestions for us to work together to find fossil fuel options; how we can find solutions to the problem of childhood obesity that is rampant in our youth; how to ensure that teachers are able to provide our country's future (i.e., our children) with the best, most comprehensive education that is available in the free world...


It's coming down to name-calling. And divisive, inflammatory faux issues that turn women's rights into a bargaining chip.

I don't care if you take sides in this messy political stew. But stay the hell out of my uterus.


  1. These are my sentiments exactly.

  2. I've been attempting to formulate my thoughts on this since the Susan G. Komen vs Planned Parenthood fiasco several weeks ago.

    While I'm thoroughly disgusted by the attempts to squash women, I am also excited and thrilled to see the enormous response each incident has received. The power of the internet and social media continues to stun me! No longer are just lolcats viral, social and political issues are too. YAY!

  3. And because I can't not pass it along, Reel Girl posted on her blog today something I thought you might like...

  4. Thank you for sharing that link & for all of your comments!