Thursday, April 19, 2012

life (this one is a bit of a ramble)

as in, life gets in the way! I've meant to be more regular in my blog posts, and even started on a flash fiction challenge (as seen in my last post) that, ultimately, fell flat. I meant to write something new and fun every week, but, well... that's hard work, y'all!

I've been keeping up with other bloggies where I post and write about family stuff and books and music (okay, I can only say that since I posted once recently, but still!), but it's been haphazard. It's hard to maintain this writing when real life rears up and demands attention.

Wait... that did not sound like I wanted it to!

Because I'm happy and engaged in my real life, but I'm prioritizing other things in front of this blog.

And there are things I want to say! Events to chime in on!

Like Ted Nugent and his overzealous ways. Really? He's put a new face on crazy. Charlie Sheen needs to write him a thank you note.

And the Democrat who called out Romney's wife for "never having worked a day in her life" which reignited the mommy wars? Ugh. First of all, it IS different for working moms (WM) versus stay at home moms (SAHM). To be crystal clear: both work hard to get it done. But going outside of the home to work for a paycheck is different than being at home and taking care of your kids. It's both hard work!

Neither one has it easier--they just have it different! And that difference needs to be respected. As for the assertion that Romney's wife had a staff to help her be a SAHM? Well, I can't speak to that. But it certainly adds a little something to the dialogue.

I could go on but I will refrain; there is no time. So, to sum up: Sorry I've been too busy to post. Life is good and busy. Ted Nugent is a crazy person (but I still like his music). And all moms are awesome.

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