Saturday, June 02, 2012

Oh, bother

The one where I go back to the track. :\
Because? They have a room where my kids can hang out and play while the hubs & get our workouts on. So I geared up, tried to get motivated (because I was not feeling it) and hit the track.

And the music was all wrong; plodding and enthusiasm-killing.

And the wind died so there was nary a breeze to cut the unseasonable heat.

And my shins were hurting.

And my shorts were uncomfortable, too loose in the pockets so my phone was flopping around like an angry bird.

And then it started to drizzle. So I cut my run short (which just plain made me mad, but I have glasses and am not--to be clear--one of those all-condition exercisers. If the weather sucks? I will not be running in it.), went indoors and jumped on a bike.

Yes, my friends, I did a brick (that's what my triathlon-loving friends call it; don't I feel athletic dropping that technical term?), a 20-mile ride on one of those bikes that has the screen and the moving handlebars so it feels like you're outside, even though you're in the stinky gym.

It was a good workout after all.

And when my husband & I went to get the kids and head out for home, it wasn't evening raining. Turns out that sprinkle never did turn into rain. But that's okay.

No playlist this week as I did not save it. It sucked just that bad.

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  1. I'm glad you clarified the "brick" - I was afraid you were taking us down a digestive trail. ;)