Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Change of Scenery

Due to the aforementioned equation about distance to the gym > distance I run, I took to the streets in my neighborhood.
Now, I like the track because it's broken up into these 1/4-mile segments, making it very easy for me to do intervals & keep track of how far I'm going, did I run farther than last time, and the like. Did we mention that I'm a titch OCD? I like to keep track of things. I'm big on control.

But I couldn't stomach the drive to the other side of town to hit the gym. So I grabbed my gear and hit the street. And... it was good. I listened to my body instead of the 1/4-mile sections and ran until I pushed myself really hard, then walked for a short distance to recover. Still keeping with my intervals. And though I expected to increase my time, I was right on track with the track. I found a decent loop that had some inclines to challenge me, some straightaways to appease me. Maybe I can be one of those people who just straps on their shoes and goes?

Yeah, who am I kidding?

Today's running music was a mix of the newest Black Keys CD (on my radar due to a Facebook post and a podcast mentioning it) and Tim Transplant (punk rock showtunes; it can be done).

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