Saturday, May 12, 2012

the journey of a thousand miles...

begins with a little humility.
So, recently, I've started running again. But not before I endured a bit of drama, in the form of an injury. A nagging pain that I've been trying to push through, but then I tried to run through it, and that just wasn't gonna happen. There I was, carefully tiptoeing around the track back to my car, to get my phone and call the doctor to beg for respite.

And you know what's worse than not being able to exercise when you really wish you could? Finally getting the time and the motivation to do so but then getting hurt. And then going to the doctor and getting a shot in the derriere and a referral to physical therapy. And then going to physical therapy and realizing that, had you been working out like you should have in the first place? You wouldn't have gotten hurt.
Mama's back, kids!

But I got back on it.
With this last, painful run in mind, I carefully applied myself to the track. And you know what? It didn't hurt. Two miles of intervals and it was only painful in the way that running in circles is painful, but not in the injury way of painful.

So, I'm back. One step at a time, building up strength & distance. And I'm running again. Signed up for a 5K in the fall. And determined to keep up with my progress and talk about it here every now & again. So, join me as I take my semi-middle aged, non-jock ass on a journey to embrace a little fitness & running. I can't guarantee you'll learn anything (aside from how absurd I truly am), but you just might be entertained.

Oh, and there will be playlists! Playlist #1 is below. It looks like only a partial playlist posted (say that 3 times fast), so if you want to hear it all, get to Spotify!

  1. Sexyback (Justin Timbelake) because when you go back to running after an injury? You are.
  2. Nervous Breakthrough (Luscious Jackson) because it has an awesome bassline.
  3. To Have & To Have Not (Lars Fredercksen) because of lyrics like: ...just because you're better than me, doesn't mean I'm lazy...
  4. Sikamikanico (Red Hot Chili Peppers) because it's sticky.
  5. Sexy & I Know It (LMFAO) see #1. 
  6. Little Rude Girl (Lars Fredericksen) because it rocks so hard.
  7. Ray of Gob (Go Home Productions) because it's Madonna and the Sex Pistols.
  8. Kerosene (Miranda Lambert) because sometimes you need some country.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    So proud of u girl. Stick with it.....Christy

  2. I'm walking now. I've gotten get school over with and THEN I'm training. For Realz.

  3. Thanks, Christy!
    And Heather--we can do it! :)