Friday, May 18, 2012

Still going

I made it through the first one, the re-check at the doctor's office and back to the track again.

The cool spring weather has been motivating; increased distance a little but still baby-stepping and doing intervals. I don't want to risk another injury.

And now, I have a bigger reason to keep going and remain injury-free, as I've committed to run a 5K at the end of September. So if I stop now, I'll never get there. Got to keep going. And keep going I will.

And I've decided to keep trying to dig deeper in to my music to find new songs to run to. This is going to be my search for the perfect playlist; but I fear it's a fruitless endeavor, I shall thoroughly enjoy the journey. And this one comes close. For some reason, the Spotify playlists do not show up properly in this post but when taken to Spotify you should be able to find all the tracks. Let me know if not!

Playlist #2:
  1. Cars (Gary Numan) how awesome is this song? Loved it since it first came out. Because I'm old.
  2. Big Country (Big Country) great beat for running. And the singer is dreamy.
  3. Cannonball (The Breeders) fun song, appropriately bouncy.
  4. We Got the Beat (Go Gos) haven't run to this before, it's a keeper.
  5. Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol) GREAT running song!
  6. Flag Pole Sitta (Harvey Danger) this has always been a favorite for running.
  7. Call Me (Blondie) another trial, another keeper.
  8. In Between Days (The Cure) because I can't stop singing this song. Worked out well.
  9. Vietnow (Rage Against the Machine) because every now & then you need a swift kick in the ass.


  1. Love the playlist. My 16 yo recently showed me a fun band from Norway, Chronique, Fab beat for working out or running. Their first albums were post punk, then they went all Euro on us. Try "Night's Calling." "This Noisy Silence" or "Lay Down."

  2. I rock Call Me on karaoke - i may stop runnng & do animpromptu concert if that's on my pod.

  3. This is one of my more tame playlists, but definitely great songs to run to. I'm totally going to check out that Norwegian group!

    When "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson comes on, it makes me want to do a skipping sort of dance because it rocks that sort of beat. And "Smack My ** Up" by Prodigy makes me shadowbox. I have been known to sing.

    And ooh, Heather, you said the magic word! Karaoke! Last time I sang "Bad Reputation" & "Tainted Love" and I think that was like a year ago.