Friday, May 25, 2012


The best thing about running is that you just need a pair of shoes.

And a sports bra (for the ladies).

And a good playlist.

What else?

I would love to say I'm low-maintenance, but upon gathering my "necessary" gear before a run, I'm  clearly outed as the worst kind of high-maintenance... the kind of high-maintenance who thinks she's low-maintenance... well, whatever. For what it's worth, here is my must-list for a great run:

  1. Water. And I love this water bottle. I've dropped it, lost it, found it and never broken it. This Camelbak bottle was worth the investment made 5 years ago.
  2. Nike+. I like to know how far I've gone, and for running outside, I cannot do without my Nike+ monitor. A chip in my shoe tied to an app on my iPod, it's brilliantly simple to keep track of distance. Which brings me to...
  3. My iPod. I have a phone, which I also carry when running outside (safety first!), but my iPod carries my music library, all +/- 5,000 titles that I might get a craving for.
  4. Shoes. As mentioned, really the only thing necessary for a runner (unless you're a barefoot runner. Which I am not). I don't care about the brand or the color, I buy what works best for me out of the ones that the expert at the running store recommends.
  5. Gum. Specifically, Extra Fruit Sensations Watermelon gum. I buy this gum in bulk. My kids are sick of it because it's the only flavor I have on hand when they ask for a piece of gum. Yes, I'm more particular about my gum than my running shoes. Whatever.
  6. Lip balm. Right now I'm hooked on this teeny-tiny pot of Vaseline lip treatment. It's so cute! And very effective at fighting chapped lips, as proven in the windy Oklahoma terrain.
  7. A pocket. I don't like that arm strap thing and if I hold my iPod in my hand I'm always resetting a button. So I like a pocket. I've also got a belt with a pocket that looks like a weird thong but is actually quite effective at holding necessities, like keys and my phone (in case I have to call someone to save me from a charley horse).
  8. Windbreaker. I've had this particular Nike windbreaker for about 15 years. I've worn it on 3 continents in nearly every weather condition. It's ripped and becoming threadbare, but I adore it and if the weather is chilly or drizzly or cold, you can bet that I'm wearing it. And if I don't have shorts in a pocket then there is a pocket in my windbreaker (win-win).
  9. Snack. If I don't have a healthy something handy after I run, I'm going to go for the unhealthy. I like Lara Bars or fruit & cheese or the like to prevent the gummy bear / chips and salsa / beer cravings that post-run adrenaline rushes sometimes bring on.
  10. Pen & paper. To write down the ideas that pop up when I'm running. Like what you're reading here.
So, what's necessary to your run? Tell me about it in the comments. I'll pick a random winner and send you a mix CD of my favorite running music.

The fine print regarding the products above: they all belong to me and I was neither compensated nor asked to publish these reviews. This is just stuff I like.
The fine print regarding the giveaway: assuming anyone is interested in leaving a comment and winning a mix CD, I'll use a random number generator to come up with a winner and will notify that winner by email, wherein we will discuss the contents of the mix CD as soon as I can get it done.


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Yay you for committing back to the 5 K training.
    I too love Lara bars ....super yummy and organic (double plus). I think it is hilarious u have a pen and paper as part of your "running gear" but given ur line of work I should really not be all that surprised!

    Keep up the good work. Enjoy the awesome Vitamin D! (Christy)

  2. I'm going shoe & bra shopping today. Shelf bras apparently do not constitute sports bras. Now I know.

  3. Christy--I unravel all my mental knots when I'm on the track!

    Heather--Pro tip:make sure your bra is NOT inside out when you run. It matters. Who knew?

    1. You, my friend, are a wealth if knowledge.