Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

My dad with my son in Chetek, 2003.

I miss you, dad.

An added note: I'm thankful that I found this video. My dad passed a year ago and I seem to be progressing through the stages of grief (though not in any fashion that I would have imagined) and I'm stalled in the "anger" phase. But not the angry that he's passed phase, but the angry at him phase. At his shortcomings. At what I didn't get from him. At the choices he made that made his life more difficult. At the way he kept people at arms length.

Except when he didn't. And this was my reminder. Thanks, Dad for watching over me, for helping me through this process. You may not have believed that you live on, but I feel you with me, always.


  1. "Is he smilin'?" What a sweetie. *hugs* Mari. Thank you for sharing this bit of your Daddy with us.

  2. Thanks Dani; that was the kicker for me. Really needed to find this & reconnect with the good parts.

  3. Grief is a messy business, take your time with it. Thank you for sharing your special father's day video with us, precious moment.

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Your words mean a lot to me.

  5. I sitll go through phases of being mad at my dad and then mad at the circumstances and then just mad. I'll move and something will trigger starting it all over again. Grieving for parents is a funny, funny business.