Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Record Collecting for Girls

I love music. I've always loved music. I was that girl who could sit & talk about music with your boyfriend.
At one of my first *real* jobs (the military), I had to sit down with my boss for a review. He turned down the radio & I told him he didn't have to. He said "I'll bet you don't even know who that is" and I said "you don't have to be an old man to recognize Deep Purple." Our friendship was born over classic rock. And a shared love of beer--but that's a story for another day.

I have friends who love music, and who love to share new and fun things they hear about just as much as I love to share them. One friend told me about Never Not Funny's Rock Solid podcast, featuring Pat Francis & Gary Lucy. I'm digging back into the archives of this podcast (because, being the OCD person that I am, I must start at the beginning) and I get the treat of listening, every day, to a podcast about music that makes me laugh, pisses me off and often, tells me about something new.

I secretly long to be their third, their female friend from not LA who talks about music that they never talk about... like punk. That, too is a story for another day, however.

I listen to these podcasts mostly in my car & I've taken to keeping a pen & paper nearby to record the names of the bands, songs and books that I need to look up. Yup, that's me doing the old-timey text messaging at the stop light. And one of the titles that I scrawled on my paper at a stoplight was Record Collecting for Girls by Courtney E. Smith.

When I read the synopsis, I thought... "ooh, it's like the Nick Hornsby book that inspired the John Cusak Movie, High Fidelity, which is in my all-time top 5!" And then I started reading it and Smith name checks Hornsby, Cusak and High Fidelity on the first damn page.

Twas love, truly; twas love.

Though our music tastes may diverge, Smith has mad credit in the music world and she's a joy to read. I don't know a lot of other moms in my neighborhood who love music like I do, s Smith is filling in for that particular demographic and this and I'm loving this book. I catch myself laughing out loud or, occasionally, yelling out "oh hells yes!"

My own all-time ultimate top five at this moment (trying to adhere to all of the rules for top five lists that are stated in the book) looks like this right now:
  1. Rancid. Tim Armstrong in the broad sense, and most all of his side projects as well.
  2. Metallica. The band from whom I buy every release. Except Lulu. Cannot--nay, must not!--go there.
  3. REM. Hall of famers for me.
  4. Luscious Jackson. 
  5. TBD.  
I highly recommend this book to women, men and music lovers. Go get it; you won't be sorry. Okay, if you're a huge fan of the Black Eyed Peas or a Smiths-loving dude, you might be sorry. But everyone else will love it.

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